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Cameron Diaz Is On A Mission To Change The Way We Age

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If there was any question left about whether or not Cameron Diaz was serious about her health (and yours), her latest endeavor officially clears it up. The actress’ last book—The Body Book—was way smarter than the average here-are-my-health-tips celeb memoir and her latest release, The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time, continues that brainy legacy.

The book was inspired by some critical thinking on Diaz’s part about what it means to age well. As she approached 40, Diaz began to encounter a societal fear of aging that was all about beauty standards and not so much about health. “[Journalists] started asking about my age, [but] they weren’t wondering if I was afraid that my health might decline after forty….They were saying, ‘Aren’t you afraid that the death of your career is imminent because you don’t look twenty-five anymore?’”

Instead of recommending anti-aging moisturizers in her book, the actress dove headfirst into the science and history of aging, teaming up once again with her writing partner, and best-selling author, Sandra Bark.

Along the way, they unpack the changes your cells undergo, what your telomeres are and why they matter (spoiler: they protect your DNA), the biological link between your gut and your health—and just how much of an impact you can actually have on your aging process with nutrition, sleep, and workouts. (It turns out, a lot.)

Reading this book will make you the person people want to sit next to at a dinner party.

But the biggest takeaway Diaz says she wants for The Longevity Book is the lesson that aging should be considered a normal life experience, and not an unfortunate downfall: “As long as I get to keep on aging, I’m pretty lucky,” she explains. “Not everybody has the opportunity to grow old.”

Between witty anecdotes from her personal life, and sweet encouragement to really value your friendships, family, and yourself, Diaz explores all facets of a woman’s aging beauty and captures all the nitty, gritty science-y stuff you just wouldn’t expect from the celeb. She’ll also open your eyes to the reality that stressing over a stray grey hair may actually be the cause of it—and the simplicity of living a happy READ MORE:

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