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By David Sandoval, Purium Blog | February, 2018

If I were to tell you the number-one cause of pre-mature aging and disease in the Western world,

it might surprise you. (Then again…it might not.) It’s the over-consumption of food.

Why? Not only because too much food can make us fat. It’s also because everything we eat must be processed by our bodies, and this requires the expenditure of energy.

The human body suffers wear and tear from the continuous processing of calories.

Within each cell of the human machine, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthful fats, and other

important nutrients are the cogs, gears, sparks, and replacement parts that both create energy and repair wear and tear. The modern diet, while heavy on the calories, is notoriously light on these healing, renewing substances. In the end, a calorie-dense, nutrient-poor diet takes a serious toll on the state of our health, pouring fuel into the body without the nutrients required to maintain our energy-producing equipment.

We are overfed…and malnourished!

Enter a superfood literally ripped from the pages of history- Activated Barley. It is the most energy-efficient food available in nature, and it has major implications for those who are concerned with maximizing longevity, avoiding disease, increasing athletic performance and fighting obesity.

Activated Barley is more than a supplement. It’s a complete food that has been converted into a “superfood” through an all-natural process that makes it so powerful and functional it can be used to nourish those struck by famine. In fact, the United Nations uses activated barley as a relief food in famine-stricken countries, due to its ability to sup-port human life better than any other single READ MORE: 



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