Fabulous Selection of Christmas Recipes By Jamie Oliver…Anyone Will Find What They Love!

By NataliaPH

Jamie Oliver

Oh, the Christmas season is here! Don’t you just love the feeling in the air, the aromas, the loved ones coming together enjoying each other, forgetting what might be troubling them…

Even though I live in Spain now, and I miss the snow and traditional Polish feasts, Christmas decorations and cooking can put me in a wonderful festive mood:)

It is not a meat feast as it used to be when I lived in Poland, both my husband and I have been plant based eaters since 3 years now and I still find it amazing how wonderful food can be without meat! Mind you, I’m Polish – no meat – no meal (for most people at least), certainly for my family back in Poland – especially the men:)! Over the years I came to find that the plant world not only offers the abundance of flavors and choices but it is absolutely stunning how you can pretty much create any dish you used to like without using meats…

I have just visited Jamie Oliver’s blog and the amount of Christmas recipes he presents there is astounding! Whether you are also a plant based eater, or you need your gluten free goodies, or love your meats, you will find the most delicious and creative, “Christmasy” ideas!

Fabulous Selection of Christmas Recipes By Jamie Oliver, I have my eyes set on the scrumptious nut roast you can see on the picture! Anyone Will Find What They Love!

Without further ado, here is Jamie’s Christmas page and having tried his recipes in the past, I am so looking forward to indulging in these wonderful delights! Make your pick, surprise your family with something different while you maintain your beautiful customs, these recipes can only add to the joy and deliciousness of your Christmas table!

Bon Appetite and Merry Christmas to You!. And…Thank you Jamie Oliver!

Here is the Blog: http://www.jamieoliver.com/christmas/



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