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B-Healthier with Vitamin B-12

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Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is a vital nutrient for many functions in the body, yet sadly much of the population is deficient. Additionally, most are unaware that a deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to a list of symptoms which may not be immediately recognised as symptoms associated with a deficiency in B12 – and they can creep up on you! (About 50 percent of patients with subclinical disease have a B12 deficiency.)

So if you are feeling less than healthy, then it is very possible some of your symptoms may be the result of a chronic or even an acute deficiency in this crucial nutrient. So, let’s start with what foods contain Vitamin B12 and why it is so important to health and vitality.

Vitamin B12 – Why is it important?

Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in the body. It is responsible for making healthy blood cells, and our nerves cannot work efficiently without adequate amounts of its presence. It is the building block the body uses for DNA formation and repair, it keeps our immune system in check, regulates our mood and sleep cycles, helps to manage stress in the body, and supports proper neurological function.

Brain function

As we age our brain actually shrinks and cognitive function begins to decline. Vitamin B12 supplementation has been shown to slow this process and help with memory loss.

Studies have shown that 1 in 2 seniors show a decreased levels of Vitamin B 12, because as we age we are less able to absorb this vitamin due to the decline in a glyco-protein produced in our stomach called intrinsic factor. Studies are also showing that younger adults too can be low in B12, especially those with compromised digestive disorders and those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

A condition known as pernicious anemia – thankfully fairly rare – can also be caused by chronically low levels of vitamin B12, and this condition can lead to dementia. Pernicious anemia is a serious condition, and the first symptoms are often confusion – slowness – irritability, and apathy.

Natural sources of Vitamin B12

B12 is a unique vitamin in that natural sources are only found in animal foods (see further information below), however some pre-packaged foods are fortified with a synthetic form of B12. Depending on your diet and your age, it is quite possible you are not up-taking enough of READ MORE:

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