Looking to Improve Your Health on a Tight Budget – Learn 5 Easy Ways!

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5 easy ways to improve your health on a tight budget

There’s no question that putting premium fuel into your body will cost more than making a meal plan around Ramen noodles. However, higher quality nutritional and lifestyle choices over time will create a higher quality of life, so the investment is certainly worth the return.

Unfortunately, adjusting the family budget to include healthier foods and lifestyle choices can be a show-stopper. We are simply not used to prioritizing funds for proper food, and in the current economic climate, some funds are so tight that there is really very little room to negotiate.

Here are 5 great ways you can start to improve your health on a tight budget.

Fermented vegetables

One of the first things you definitely need to consider is fermented vegetables. A healthy body is always rooted in a diet that includes a copious amount of vegetables. Fermenting them unlocks even more power (largely due to assimilation) and is also a preservation method so your fresh vegetables can last an extended period of time.

Consuming fermented vegetables keeps bad bacteria and yeast in check as the lactic acid producing lactobacilli in these foods alter the pH balance in the intestine which helps prevent the overgrowth of friendly bacteria, molds, and candida. A healthy intestinal tract is a primary consideration to achieving good health.

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