Pure + Premium: Drying Fresh, Raw Ingredients

Purium Blog | March, 2018

Pure + Premium is labeled on all of our products because we are proud to uphold the highest-standard of quality, from farming methods to manufacturing practices. We understand the importance of knowing, not only where your food comes from, but how it became a product as well.

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Our co-founders Dave and Amy work hard to ensure that every product is manufactured with the purest and most premium ingredients, as well as methods.

One of the most crucial parts of the manufacturing process is making sure that the nutrients, from the fresh, organic raw produce that we farm, are preserved when the food is dried and made into powders, tablets and capsules.

Most of our ingredients are both organic AND vegan, and they come from the land or the sea. Dave, who is the lead researcher in sourcing ingredients and formulating blends, can best explain the natural inspiration behind our process.

We mimic this natural phenomenon with our drying methods to maintain the optimum nutrition for our ingredients. Since we have so many ingredients, we have a number of methods we use to produce the fine powders that we wither place into containers, press into tablets or seal in capsules. Here are some of our popular methods, paired with popular product ingredients.


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