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Oh wow, I must say I’ve been spoilt by all the wonderful wishes and fabulous time I had, thank you once again for the bday wishes that are still coming.
Now, after 2 weekends of feasting, for both Joakim‘s & then for my birthday, I am in awe to see how well our bodies take those feasts now.

The pic I shared with you today, says a lot – Transform Your Life with Superfoods, it might sound enigmatic for some of you, but it is the truest truth for us and of course I want to share it with you so that you might as well experience the transformational power of great nutrition:)

You’ve read me say several times now that I renewed my relationships with superfoods and I would love to encourage anyone to give it a try.

It’s been 6 months now that Joakim & I started to implement Purium superfoods into our daily nutrition and the results truly are SO different to what we’ve experienced before.

We feel good & can really enjoy our wining & dining guilt free:)
Let me give you some very specific examples.

It’s not a secret that we love our wine:)🥂

Now, we have a way to enjoy it and be safe & healthy as well…

2 hours before we have any alcohol we take 6 g of our cracked cell chlorella ( very important that the cell is cracked so that the body can digest it and fully assimilate it) and then chlorella can do it’s magic.

It creates a protective lining in the stomach and well…the NOT so beneficial parts of wine:) do not affect us, so…no hang over or heaviness, puffiness, none of that happens and we are very fresh next day:)

Another example, before I go to bed whether it’s a normal day or a weekend, I would drink a big glass of water with our Apothe Cherry with our trace minerals & aloe vera and not only do I sleep like a baby, my body gets hits with a power of 7000 ORAC 😃

What is ORAC?

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity
The research shows that we need approximately 5,000 ORAC units per day to be able to defend our cells against free radicals.

We all know what free radicals are right?

We don’t want those to reek havoc in our body, for we get sick, we age faster, etc, etc…

So, the mentioned superfood cherry cocktail has 7000 of those babies, and I can sleep peacefully knowing full well that i’m protected and my body can rest and recover.

And minerals will replenish me & aloe will add extra anti ageing, antiviral, super protective benefits to the mix 😃😴

I could go on & on:)

And the 7000 ORAC comes from only 1 serving of cherry, what about all the other superfoods I’m getting into my system.

The delicious power shake filled with all organic, gluten free, yummy superfoods…
Don’t get me started:)

Suffice to say that we can enjoy the best of both world, fabulous wines & dishes the chefs offer in their great restaurants & supercharge ourselves before & after and feel good:)

If any of this is interesting to you, just message me and I can recommend best superfoods to help you feel better 🍒

And of course, it is risk free for you as I have a 50 EUR/USD gift card for you 🍒

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