Have Your Hormones Gone Awry?

6 Signs Your Hormones Are Aging Too Fast + The Lifestyle Changes That Can Fix It

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Many women assume that there are three major hormonal milestones: that first menstrual period, pregnancy, and then menopause.
But there’s actually an intermediate step between making babies and closing the fertility window: perimenopause.

Perimenopause begins much earlier than many women realize — around age 35. In a nutshell, this decade-or-so-long journey is the slow process of the pituitary producing increasingly more FSH, or follicle-stimulating hormone, over time until the abundance of the hormone signals the ovaries to permanently stop ovulation. Think of this as a kind of reverse puberty.

Perimenopause can have an impact on how you look and feel in ways that you don’t expect to deal with until much later, and the effects are all the more startling the less you have supported your hormones and your health up to this point.

Perimenopause can be when some women realize they just can’t put off taking better care of their bodies anymore. If you’re not healthy, your body will let you know now!

How to Know Whether You’re Experiencing Perimenopause
The first sign that you’re entering perimenopause will likely be newly irregular periods. This is because your hormone production is slowly starting to wane so you won’t ovulate as regularly, and your periods will reflect this. Many women expect their cycles to stay the same until menopause when they suddenly stop, but this is actually a long process that can start in our 30s.

How much you feel the impact of the perimenopausal hormonal shift in your day-to-day life will depend a whole lot on your diet and lifestyle. The less healthy and hormonally supportive those aspects are, the more likely it is that perimenopause will hit you hard.

Here are six signs that perimenopause might be hitting you too hard READ MORE: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-23052/6-signs-your-hormones-are-aging-too-fast-the-lifestyle-changes-that-can-fix-it.html

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