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7 Easy Steps To Visualize Your Weight Loss
A Powerful Technique For Being Your Best

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Every diet or approach I tried followed the same pattern. There was a list of “bad foods,” things I couldn’t eat, and I’d avoid them like poison. Then there were “good foods,” the stuff I was allowed to eat freely, so I’d fill my fridge and my stomach with those approved items, trusting that as long as I did my part and followed the program, it would work. But it didn’t. It never works.

The pattern was the same every time. I’d lose some weight initially, but after a few weeks (or a few months) on the program, my intense food cravings would completely take control, and I’d have a huge binge. When I hit my heaviest, my weight had become a debilitating problem in every area of my life.

Out of sheer desperation, I started using the mind-body practice of guided-imagery visualization. I was 409 pounds, and there I was visualizing myself as a lean and fit 186-pound guy. As ridiculous as it may have seemed even to me, no one today can argue with the results. Every night, I would visualize my goal, and then the next day things seemed to fall perfectly into place to help me achieve that goal, just like clockwork. Fast forward two and a half years. I’d reached my ideal weight and ideal body. I write about how to do this in my book, Visualization For Weight Loss.

Visualization is uniquely suited to retraining your body to be thin, much more so than dieting or exercise are, because it works from the inside out to change your biochemistry and neural pathways. With regular practice, visualization will ease the stress in your body, and you’ll build up the defenses to protect yourself from deadly diseases.

Now, here are 7 simple steps to help you create the perfect visualization.

The first thing is to get your mind into the more powerful, highly programmable state of SMART Mode. All you need is to find imagery that relaxes you simply and relatively quickly.

You can use an affirmation to make any desired change you’d like, whether it’s to change a habit, belief, or food choice; break an addiction; or anything else. Just make sure that the words you use in your affirmation focus on the positive and take place in the present (not READ MORE:

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