8 Genius Ways to Sneak in Exercise Over the Holidays

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Here’s the scenario: You’re visiting family for the long holiday weekend. It’s too cold to go outside and there’s no gym or equipment within miles. It would just be so tempting to roll over and drift off into a Godfather-rerun-and-endless-eggnog haze.

But you’ve made big promises to yourself: You’re going to get in some exercise, consistently, this holiday season. But how to make the space—both physical and psychological—when the overwhelming urge is to pull on your ugly sweater and plop down on the couch like everyone else?

Thankfully, our favorite celebrity trainers are always in a giving mood. They’ve shared their best tips on motivation and workout etiquette, along with simple, effective exercises you can do just about anywhere.

Try one or all of these moves over the holiday break for some extra calorie blasting.

1. Be an early bird
“If you can muster it, wake up 30 minutes before everyone else to get your workout in. That way no one will be surprised and no one will bother you. But whenever you do it, the key is to have a time that’s consistent. Schedule it into your holiday week and commit to it like a job.”
—Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT InMotion studio, trainer of Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara

Steal this move from Anna: Heel Click
Stand with your feet two to three feet apart, then sit your hips back and bend your knees to lower into READ MORE at:


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