Can Kale Help You Lose Weight Naturally? Read to Find Out…

A view to a kale: how kale helps you lose weight naturally

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kale and weight loss

One thing sexier than James Bond? Kale. Oh yes. Eating your daily kale is a killer way to lose weight, naturally. Read on to find out why this sexy veggie is your body’s best friend.

A new view on weight & weight loss
The traditional approach to weight and weight loss is calories in, calories out. While calories do play a role in weight gain or weight loss, not all calories are created equal. Looking only at calories is isolationist and doesn’t take into account the complex system of your body. Unhealthy weight is more than not due to two factors that have little to do with a caloric formula: nutrients and toxins.

A more holistic view of weight and weight loss is nutrients in, toxins out. More important than how many calories you’re eating is how many nutrients you’re feeding your body. The first key is to give your body enough of all the types of nutrients it needs (fats, protein, carbs, fiber, water, vitamins & minerals) so that all its systems can function properly. The second key is not to continually give it so-called “food” that is actually toxic to those systems – pretty much any food that isn’t a “real, whole” food in its original form, like junk food, processed food & fast food.

When your body is deprived of nutrients it goes into starvation mode, no matter how much or how little you eat. Whether you pig out or starve yourself, if you aren’t consuming nutrients your metabolism shuts down, your body goes into stress mode, and you can’t lose weight. When you continually eat toxic food, your system gets overwhelmed and can no READ MORE at:


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