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Susan R. asks – How do I eat well when I have busy mornings? Any breakfast ideas that are fast, healthy and still pack flavor?  Help!

Dear Susan,

Breakfast is one of the most important and valuable tools you have in your arsenal for healthy living.  I know mornings can be hectic and we all crave a little extra sleep.  But when you plan a breakfast that focuses on protein (eggs, nuts, seeds, chicken or fish), healthy fat (coconut oil, nut butter, flaxseeds, avocado), fiber (berries, avocado, chia or flaxseeds) and low-glycemic carbohydrates (berries, green vegetables, etc.), you will turn your metabolism on and set it to high gear. You you will breeze through your morning effortlessly, and not think about lunch until it’s legitimately time to refuel.

Busy work schedules, travel, fitting in a little exercise and personal time all battle for your time in the morning.  You need something quick, delicious yet grounding to help you persevere.  You need real nutrition – not quick sugars, or chemicals from food dyes, flavorings, fillers or binders that cause inflammation or irritate your gut.  You need whole foods and a combination of them too!

Here are some of my favorite ideas for a fast breakfast (there is a reason the word “fast” is in breakfast!):

  • A combination of nuts, seeds, berries, and dairy-free milk in a smoothie
  • A couple of omega -3 eggs, sautéed with any dark leafy greens in your fridge and some berries on the side
  • A couple hard boiled omega-3 eggs with a side of apple or pear slices
  • Tofu scrambled with seasonings and vegetables from last night’s dinner
  • A bowl of beans and rice (if your blood sugar is balanced and your gut tolerates these foods)
  • Consider last night’s dinner – for breakfast! Soup, like miso soup with a side of leftover roast chicken, for example.

Keep these tips in mind when planning your weekly meal plan to make breakfast a cinch:

  • Buy a little extra of your favorite vegetables so you have enough to toss in a quick breakfast smoothie or egg dish. If you are new to smoothies, you can conceal a serving of spinach or any dark leafy green vegetable in your favorite morning shake.  This is a great way to sneak in some veggies for stubborn kids or adults.  Trust me – they will never taste it!
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