How to Easily Increase Your Metabolism With Simple Exercises…

Increase Your Metabolism With These 5 Extraordinary Exercises!

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Did you know you have the power to change your entire metabolism? To speed it up or slow it down. It’s all related to what you eat and how you exercise.

While resistance training increases your lean muscle mass (which fires up your metabolism for up to 72 hours after your workout) intense cardio training can burn up to 1000 calories during an aerobic routine.

By combining both elements, you rev up your metabolism to a whole new level. The best part, you can do this in the comfort of your home.

Top 5 Exercises That Increase Your Metabolism

Exercise #1 ~ Overhead Squat

The squat uses the most muscles in your body, the muscles in your legs. The more muscle you use, the more lean muscle you create and the higher your metabolism will be.INCREASE YOUR METABOLISM WITH THESE 5 EXERCISES | WHOLELIFESTYLENUTRITION.COM

But it isn’t the squat alone that makes this exercise extraordinary. The arm raise activates even more muscle. It uses your back; it contracts the tummy, and works the back of your arms.

This makes the overhead squat one of the most powerful metabolism boosting exercises out there. It elevates READ MORE at:

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