How to Love Your Body and Live Healthy Life – 5 Empowering Tips…

5 Tips to Let Go of Guilt and Love your Body – and Your Self

Shelley Ugyan | The Master

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The vast majority of problematic eaters I work with struggle to cope with shame and guilt every day. This type of harmful thinking shapes their thoughts and feelings about, and their behavior toward themselves on a persistent and pernicious, but unconscious, level. As a result, they see the world, and themselves, through a self-defeating prism of negativity that sets them up for failure on nearly every level of behavior.

Know where your feelings of guilt and shame come from

The guilt and shame you feel about your body are the result of the belief system you’ve developed over your entire life: stories about how you “should look”, the “rules” you were given to live by, the “regulations” for living a fruitful life that were based on the values of others. You see, when you fail to live up to the expectations others have prescribed for you – and which you have accepted as your own standard – the guilt and shame becomes overwhelming.

If you regularly feel guilty, but are unsure why, then some of these thoughts may sound familiar:

“I should have done better.”

“I’m never going to get this right.”

“I knew what to do, but I didn’t do it – again.”

Feeling shame is the result of feeling guilty; the guilty thoughts that build on each other and foster a distorted, deep-rooted belief systems about oneself. If you regularly experience feelings of shame, your thoughts may look like these:

“I am defective.”

“I’m not worth fighting for.”

“I’m an unlovable person.”

Letting go of thoughts like these is not easy because you’ve trained all of your life to believe these things about yourself. However, the good news is, IT CAN BE DONE!

“No matter how many mistakes you make, or how slow your progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.” – Unknown

How to Let Go of Guilt and Shame

The first step on your journey toward a guilt-free, shame-free life is developing a WILLINGNESS to release the stories and behaviors that have formed from your thinking, and which create your problematic eating. These unconscious negative thoughts will surface from time to time, often unexpectedly, and, only when you develop the willingness to explore the beliefs and values that underlie your symptoms, will real recovery begin for you.

When you allow yourself to become immersed in thoughts that are disempowering, self-sacrificing and self-destructive, you can be sure that the behaviours to follow will be equally toxic. The transition to self-love requires that you understand – and accept – that your destructive eating patterns and behaviours stem from your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings, providing you with all the power you need to heal yourself.

To do this, you must train yourself to recognize these pernicious, self-destructive thoughts, and transform them into something positive before they turn into harmful stories and patterns of negative behavior. In this way, you interrupt the negative behavior, empowering you to choose the next right action.

Much like an old, out-of-date computer, we all carry equally old, out-of-date files that we react to daily. If you make the effort to update your old files, and your head, from Windows 97 to Windows 10, you can move your own operating system, your thoughts and feelings into the 21st Century. First though, you must acknowledge that the files in your OS is READ MORE:


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