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Going Vegan or Vegetarian can be a bit daunting to some, and in my opinion, is not necessary. What is necessary, however, is being conscious of where your food comes from and how much effort and resources it took to get to your table.

A plant based diet is important for a healthy body as consuming meat is one of the leading causes of heart disease today. Aside from our health, our planet is screaming out for help, animal consumption is the #1 cause of climate change. If health and the planet aren’t in your top priorities then maybe take a look into the 50 billion animals that are slaughtered for consumption and material goods each year.

As I stated above, it’s not that you need to cut animal products out of your life, if you enjoy them and would like to have them as part of your diet just be mindful of the impact it has on you, the planet and the animals. Reduce your animal product intake to a couple of times a week rather than basing every meal around it.

To help you transition into a plant based diet, here are some great websites and blogs with stand out

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