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Do you really love your body?

love your body

Dr. Scott Graves | Natural Blaze

This was a question that I asked the body of someone that I was with the other day. Through many forms, one of them being applied kinesiology, you can actually “talk” with the body. I asked the question and when his body gave the response that told me that he did not love his body, his reaction was at first very defensive. ”This body talk business is nonsense!”

I sat with him and continued to listen and within the next few minutes he went from defensiveness to being on the verge of tears. He admitted that he really didn’t love his body. He was angry for the way his body looked. He was upset because his health problems were getting worse. Shame was an emotion that was beginning to surface with regards to his body and what he was going through. He was ashamed of what he looked like.

My heart was heavy that day because of how I feel with patients when they are hurting so bad. This is something that I feel is a part of the lives of many that are struggling with health problems, diseases or body issues. Often times, our bodies are the expression of what is going on on the inside – mentally, emotionally or spiritually. All of these areas can have a profound impact on our health and they are all interconnected.

So ask yourself this question right now: DO YOU LOVE YOUR BODY?

Our thoughts are incredible powerful and I feel that many times, our thoughts alone can determine whether our body is healthy or not. The ancient Chinese and Indian systems of medicine have known this for thousands of years. They are not systems of medicine that only deal with things on a physical level like Western medicine seems to do. We are complete beings with a spirit, soul and READ MORE at: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2014/12/do-you-really-love-your-body.html#sthash.c43nuHRp.dpuf

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