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What’s All This Hype About Cleansing?

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This is where I want to be on a cold, damp blustery March day. Sitting in the Poet’s House in Battery Park City, warm and dry and surrounded by books.

March is not exactly a favorite month for most people. At least not for those of us living where wind, rain, sleet, snow, and damp cold weather are typical of late winter. Anything goes. I can feel it in my bones just writing about it. March roars in like a lion, they say, and out like a lamb. It’s such a transitory month.

I may have been lucky enough to have a respite in Hawaii, but I’m already tucked right back in my cocoon in Jersey City.

I happen to like cocooning and so I’m feeling a little anxious knowing that my hibernating time is coming to a close. If all goes according to Mother Nature’s plan, however, soon I will feel ready to burst forth with stored energy and fresh ideas from the winter.

One good thing about gloomy March is that it gives us a few weeks to tackle (or at least think about tackling) some things that have been crying for attention. Think inner and outer world. Mind/body/spirit AND your clothes closet and relationships. Spring cleaning…or cleansing.

So, what is all this hype about cleansing?

Until I entered this sometimes mysterious world of holistic health I had never heard of the concept of cleansing. For most of us, cleansing meant soaping up our bodies during our daily shower or bath.

Over the past several years, the topic of dietary cleansing has become absolutely front and center. Juice cleanses, liver flushing and the Master Cleanse have all become household words.

But probably the most ancient and effective method of cleansing and rejuvenation began thousands of years ago with the Ayurvedic practice from India known as panchakarma.

Originally intended for royalty to promote longevity, panchakarma (means five actions) is still widely practiced in India and has gained popularity in the West.

Panchakarma is usually done over a two to three week period and should be done under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor to insure that the cleanse is safe and effective for your particular constitution.

People who have undergone panchakarma will attest that the READ MORE: http://barbarasinclair.com/whats-all-this-hype-about-cleansing/

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