Why To Power Walk For Health…

Power Walking: One of the Best Complete Exercises Around

Especially if you do it in certain environments

Robert Harrington | Natural Society

power walking

There are several reasons why power walking is such an efficient and important exercise. If an individual has time to perform only one exercise each day, a good power walk would be an excellent choice at least 4 out of 7 days a week.

Why is power walking so efficacious at keeping the human body in such good working order?

The human frame is constructed in such a way that it does in fact require daily movement. As many today believe, this understanding should not be viewed as voluntary; rather, it ought to be considered compulsory if one is to enjoy good and robust health in the later years of life. With that said, no matter what forms of exercise we choose, they ought to be fun and enjoyable or else we will neglect them.

Toward that end, a brisk power walk can be as rejuvenating and uplifting as any other exercise. When performed under the night sky or on a sunny day in the park, it also provides a great way to reconnect with the healing energies of nature.

The woods and forests areas are full of oxygen as trees and plants are forever releasing O2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, an oxygen-rich environment is quite ideal in which to do one’s daily walk. Certainly, it is preferable to a treadmill in a small gym with dozens of other huffers and puffers running alongside in place.

In fact, Scientists in Japan have been reporting on the immunopotentiating and stress-relieving benefits of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, since 1982, but only recently has the trend crossed the ocean.

The ground rules for a healthy and wholesome walk are several and uncompromising. As follows:


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