Counting down to 2018 & Invitation to Your Best Health!

Dear Reader, Dear Newsletter Subscriber, Dear Friend,

Hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas.

As we are approaching the finale of 2017, we would like to take this opportunity and give you HUGE thanks for being with us, even though we haven’t been around for almost 2 years!

May 2018 be the most amazing year for you and your loved ones.
May you be showered with dreams fullfiled.
May you be living and creating your best health, wealth & happiness!


We would love to help you realise your New Year’s resolutions for the chances are, they are connected with health and/or yours or your family’s well being.

We would also like to renew our invitation for you to join us and the group of like minded people on the New Year’s Kick Start to your best health event via newly created private Facebook workshop group/club called: TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH WITH SUPERFOODS…

The event, the group is not just about releasing kilos ( this is a nice side effect of having a healthy, balanced body), it is about creating your best health, about letting go of what no longer serves us, about preventing or healing the damage done by, let’s be honest – negative habits & thoughts as well as conventionally farmed foods and polluted environment…

So, once again, if your New Year’s resolutions include HEALTH or FEELING GREAT AGAIN, please do yourself a favour and allow yourself to experience how it is when your mind, body & spirit feel healthy, not only OK, I mean HEALTHY, ALIVE, ENERGISED & VIBRANT:) It’s a wonderful feeling…

We can help you do that, please join us in TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH WITH SUPERFOODS group where people get to experience healing, health and should they want to release kgs while building muscle:)

If you haven’t had a chance to read the details in our previous emails, please do so by


That’s it from us.

Thank you for your presence, thank you for your support and once again we wish you a most AMAZING 2018!

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