My 46 Favorite Healthy Recipes for the New Year

My 46 Favorite Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Half Baked Harvest | January, 2018

Sharing my 46 favorite healthy recipes for the New Year today!

As many of you may recall, last January I did a whole month of healthy recipes to kick off the new year, and I will be doing the same this year. With January just a day away, I wanted to share my favorite healthy…ish recipes from this past year.

My look on healthy eating is pretty simple. Eat whole foods, lots of color, nothing processed…plus be sure to get in some dark chocolate for your sanity. I am not one to cut out whole food groups, ditch the butter or cheese, or even stop eating desserts. No, none of that here, BUT I can add in more veggies, fruits and whole grains, and ditch the added sugar.

It’s a pretty simple way of healthy eating, but it’s one I can fully get behind. My recipes coming up this January will reflect my take on healthy eating, so you can expect plenty of whole grain breakfasts, colorful dinners, and no sugar added desserts. I’ve been testing recipes all week and cannot wait to start sharing them on Tuesday. In the meantime, below I have picked out my very favorite healthy recipes from 2017, plus five of my favorite healthy recipes from previous years. Hoping these will help to inspire you to plan for some healthy eating come Monday!





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