Healthy Holiday Recipes and Meal Planning Tips for Everyone

7 months ago

These healthy holiday recipes and meal-planning tips will bring all your friends and family together — whether they’re vegetarian, flexitarian, or none of the above! They’re perfect for all kinds of holidays, including Christmas and other celebratory gatherings.

Ahh, the holidays — a time for fun, festivities, and… stress? The holidays can, and should, be a time to focus on what we have in common and what we want to celebrate together. But what happens when our friends and family members have different diets and food preferences?

What if you’re vegan? Or if you eat a whole food, plant-based diet free of processed food, oil, and sugar, and your friend is gluten-free, your sister is paleo, your nephew is allergic to nuts, and your in-laws eat the standard American diet?

It’s enough to make you want to skip the holidays entirely. But, don’t despair.

You can bring people together over a shared meal and shared values — whether you practice Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just want to share time with friends and family.



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