How To Reconnect With Yourself…

3 Ways To Reconnect With Yourself

Re-discover your true nature with these proven methods


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It’s easier than ever to get lost in the day-to-day activities and stresses of the external world. Work, relationships, errands — our focus is almost always on anything and anyone but ourselves. And for so many of us, it’s a constant effort to please others or be who we think we have to be in order to get the love, respect or appreciation we are after.

But this is just a game of stress and frustration. Because it’s not what we get or how we are perceived that makes us happy. It’s who we become — how we live our lives and who we are as a person. People can take away all of the “things,” but who you are, no one can take that from you.

That’s why reconnecting with yourself is not just something you “should” do, it’s something you “must” do. It gives you a chance to celebrate your gifts and understand what really drives you. And when you know this, the more you can show up for others and the more you can add to the world around you.

Why are you settling for less than you can be, share, give or create? Perhaps it is because of the patterns you created. And to break these patterns, you may have to try something different. So here are three uniquely powerful ways to develop an enhanced and deepened connection with your true self.


We tend to think of our voices in a functional capacity — used to communicate, to express ourselves, to entertain. But according to Edwin Coppard, Owner of Real People Music and Speaker at Life Wealth Mastery, our voices also present a pathway to our true selves.

As a child, Coppard contends, our voices were raw and unadulterated. They were loud, strong, and for all intents and purposes, there was no filter when we spoke. But as we grew up, and began to internalize our surroundings and understand ourselves in the greater context, we began to suppress this natural voice in favor of a socialized mind voice.

This socialized mind voice disconnected us from the power and energy of our natural sound. When we spoke, we were no longer representing the true self, but rather reflecting ideals and personas that aligned with society.

Coppard believes that through the power of song, as displayed in the following video, we can step out of the way, allow the natural intelligence of our bodies to take over, and rediscover the beauty of the

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