Are You Looking For Healthy and Original Christmas Gifts?

14 Healthy and Useful Christmas Gifts!

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Christmas and the Holiday season normally goes one of two ways….

Healthy, happy and inspired! Taking you into 2016 with a fresh vision for yourself (and hopefully for all humanity!), OR
It’s a pig out fest and you’re left wondering how you put on so much weight and feel more frumpy than ever before.

Let’s help you make your journey into 2016 a #1 this year and not a #2 (no reference to toilet jokes here!).

Here’s our list of 14 Healthy Christmas gift ideas to help you fill the stockings with goodness, and inspire your family and friends to even greater health and happiness!

1. Healing Essential Oils

I feel like Aromatherapy was popular in the 80’s, went into decline in the 90’s, and is now all of a sudden making a resurgence under its new guise ‘Essential Oil Therapy’. But the plant extracts (and their infinite intelligence) have always been there. It’s like it has just become awesomely trendy.

I interviewed an Australian Aromatherapist and Essential Oil expert Kim Morrison for FMTV the other day on Healing With Essential Oils and Creating Your Own Home Medicine Chest. Some of her absolute top oils she couldn’t live without include Frankincense, Lavender, Orange, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. Some of our favorite brands include Twenty8 (Kim’s Company, Australian based), Mountain Rose Herbs (US & Int), Doterra (US & Int) and Young Living (US & Int.). (For the record I am not a distributor or pyramid seller, or triple black diamond, or representative of any of these companies. Links go to Amazon or companies websites above.).

2. A New Blender

Blending is like juicing but way more old school! It’s all about retaining the fibre and making those delicious almond butter, banana and protein smoothies or green machines to kick the afternoon slump. Everyone knows how to use one but be careful, it’s a ‘gateway appliance’ and can lead to purchasing a juicer and slow cooker (see below!). Our favorites include the ever popular Nutribullet 900 which we have at home and Vitamix Professional 750 (pictured above) which we use in the Food Matters office READ MORE:

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