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Ahhh yes, 2016 is here and MAY IT BE THE BEST YEAR EVER FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US! Now, paper and pens out to make those inspired promises, aka – New Year’s resolutions! As fantastic as it is and as the feelings of enthusiasm, joy, hope self generate and new possibilities arise; the fact remains that a week, a month from now, 90% of people will give up and not…realize their goals.

Why is that?

Well, let’s look at the advice from professionals and how they approach the topic. I must say, having flunked several times on my new year’s resolutions and finally finding a way of creating them in a way that I had actually realized them, the advice below is excellent and spot on!

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I use a very similar approach in my Create Your Best Life Coaching program and clients do report substantial success.

Here is a great article from The Daily Mail and Lisa Ryan reports the following…

Lisa Ryan |

Don’t be critical, track your progress and find a New Year’s resolution buddy: Psychologists reveal 6 top tips to help you STICK to your 2016 goals

  • 40 per cent of US adults make New Year’s Resolutions, a study reveals
  • But, only 40 to 60 per cent of them will actually stick with their resolutions
  • Resolutions centered on criticisms or misunderstood behavior likely fail
  • To keep a resolution, stay positive and focus on healthy alternatives

Joining the gym, banishing junk food from your diet and slashing your alcohol intake.
As the clock strikes midnight across the globe, and the world heralds the start of 2016, millions will resolve to make radical changes to their lives.
There will be vows to shed weight, quit smoking and get fit, resolutions to spend more time helping others, take on new challenges and spend more time with loved ones.
But, within weeks, days in some sorry cases, these New Year’s resolutions will be broken, discarded and long forgotten.
Is it possible to stick at a resolution – just one? And why do people find it so hard to achieve their well-intended New Year’s goals?
The main problem, Dr John Norcross, a professor of psychology at the University of Scranton, told Daily Mail Online, is that people typically fail to remain realistic.

‘Largely people are unprepared for change,’ he said. ‘A fair number just clink the champagne glasses and confuse a resolution with a wish.’
But, while it is rare for people to see their resolutions last into the second month of the year, Dr Norcross and other experts said there are ways to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Dr Norcross spearheaded a study on the efficacy of New Year’s resolutions and found that 40 per cent of adults in the US resolve to make a lifestyle change as the clock strikes midnight on January 1. A poll of 3,036 adults in the US found that 21 per cent of resolutions revolve around weight loss, 14 percent on finances and exercise and 10 per cent on getting a new job.
Additionally, seven per cent resolve to eat healthier diets, while five per cent seek to manage stress better, stop or reduce smoking or improve a READ MORE:


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