Need a Reason To Kiss More? Here Are 5!

5 Real Benefits of Kissing: Put Smooching on Your To-Do List!

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Eating right, getting enough exercise, meditating, disconnecting from your smartphone — they’re all great ways to keep happy and healthy. But there’s an important one you might be overlooking. Did you know that kissing with your partner can have real, positive effects on your health?

It’s true. A kiss might just be one of the most fun ways to keep the doctor away and stay in tip-top shape. So how is it that there are benefits of kissing, which some cultures don’t even engage in? Get cozy and learn why puckering up is one of the most fun ways to do your body good.

Why a Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss: 5 Healthy Benefits of Kissing

1. Kissing boosts endorphins

Sure, the rush of kissing someone you’re interested in might make you feel tingly all over. But it’s also a chemical reaction — the good kind. Smooching releases endorphins, your brain’s natural feel-good chemicals that are released after a solid workout or a “runner’s high” and combat stress and depression.

Kissing also works as a stress reliever, lifting spirits when they’re down in the dumps. So the next time you’re in a bad mood or had a rough day at work, grab that guy or gal and plant one on ’em to feel better.

2. Kissing fights cavities

It might not be the sexiest benefit on this list but if going to the dentist freaks you out, kissing might be the answer. That’s because when you’re locking lips, your mouth increases its saliva production, which helps clean the mouth and remove cavity-causing particles that linger after eating or drinking.

While you should continue brushing and flossing regularly (nothing stops a good kiss like bad breath), a good makeout session is a lot more fun than gargling.

3. Kissing helps you feel connected

Not only does kissing help you feel happier, it can also help you relax and feel closer to your partner. When you go in for a kiss, your brain increases its oxytocin levels.

This hormone has a calming effect and promotes trust and bonding between humans. Levels of the hormone also drive up during breastfeeding and sex, two of the most intimate acts there are between people. Several studies have also found higher levels of oxytocin in couples are associated with relationship longevity, empathy and support. (1)

So while a lot of emphasis is placed on couples keeping things spicy between the sheets, don’t neglect the potential PG affection has READ MORE:

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