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Staying Hydrated the Ayurvedic Way

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A friend recently posted on Facebook about her intention to drink more water going forward because it has such simple yet profound healing properties. I couldn’t agree more and quickly jumped on her bandwagon, determined to put more attention on my own tendency to be dehydrated. And, as I usually do these days, I look to Ayurveda for answers, so I’ll share some tips on staying hydrated the Ayurvedic way.

I spent a lot of time in the Sonoran Desert the past three years and always marveled at how plants could thrive in the blistering dry heat. Cactus would be blooming in spite of the sporadic appearance of water.

How clever Mother Nature is to design plants in the hot desert climate to be able to store water instead of needing it constantly.

Well, we’re not a cactus, but we do need to be able to absorb water and get it to where it needs to go. The problem with a blanket statement of drinking x number of glasses of water per day is that our bodies are all different and handle water in various ways.

The Vata-type individual generally has the hardest time staying hydrated because, by nature, they’re dry.

Especially during Vata Season (right now for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere) dry conditions exacerbate the dehydration.

Many people with a lot of Vata dosha in their constitution are chronically dehydrated, inside and out, and it becomes a contributing factor in many Vata-type disorders.

They often suffer from something known as “kidney flushing” and, just like an overly-dry plant, they drink water and almost immediately urinate. This is obviously not good because the water is not getting to where it needs to go.

Adding a little fresh lime juice and a pinch of READ MORE:

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