Another Study Shows What Yoga can Really Do

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Have you been holding off on living the lifestyle of a yogi? Perhaps it’s time to make a move. Recent research published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology has found that yoga may have similar positive effects on the body as walking or even biking. Yoga improves heart health, normalizes blood pressure, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and much more.

“This finding is significant, as individuals who cannot or prefer not to perform traditional aerobic exercise might still achieve similar benefits in [cardiovascular] risk reduction,” the authors say.
As yoga is not quite as intense as jogging or biking, the researchers predictably note that the positive effects could potentially be due to yoga’s role in reducing disease-fueling stress reduction, “leading to positive impacts on neuroendocrine status, metabolic and cardio-vagal function.”

“The similarity of yoga and exercise’s effect on cardiovascular risk factors suggest that there could be comparable working mechanisms, with some possible physiological aerobic benefits occurring with yoga practice, and some stress-reducing relaxation effect occurring with aerobic exercise,” say the investigators.
Senior author Prof. Myriam Hunink, from Erasmus University Medical Center in READ MORE at:

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