Aspartame Dropped by Pepsi!

Pepsi drops aspartame from diet soda as consumers reject toxic sweetener
Mike Adams | Natural News

pepsi drops aspartame

(NaturalNews) After more than two decades of sweetening its sodas with aspartame — a chemical sweetener that more and more consumers equate with a neurological poison — PepsiCo has announced it’s dropping the chemical and replacing it with sucralose.

The dropping of aspartame from its sodas is yet another monumental victory for the “clean food movement” — a term first coined by Gerald Celente of Trends Research. Since its launch, aspartame’s reputation has been hammered by clean food activists who point out the chemical’s association with neurological disorders, seizures, temporary blindness and other side effects. Aspartame is widely believed to be associated with the development of brain cancer tumors.

“PepsiCo says it’s dropping aspartame from Diet Pepsi in response to customer feedback and replacing it with Sucralose,” reports Candice Choi of the Associated Press:

John Sicher, publisher of industry tracker Beverage Digest, noted that attitudes about aspartame can be very negative. Using an online tool called Topsy that measures Twitter sentiment on a scale of 0 to 100, he noted “aspartame” got a 22 ranking, below a 38 ranking for “Congress.”

“Aspartame is the No. 1 reason consumers are dropping diet soda,” said Seth Kaufman, vice president of Pepsi.

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So why didn’t PepsiCo just follow in the footsteps of the “Monsanto Mafia?”

It’s notable that PepsiCo has decided to listen to customers and abandon an ingredient they consider to be highly offensive. Had PepsiCo followed in the

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