Eat And Grow Thin

In 2001, Jon reached the peak of his obesity… And he wanted to lose weight badly.

12 years earlier he was thin, bursting with energy, and happy to be alive.

Yet in 2001, he realized he had hit rock bottom. He was overweight and he couldn't do anything about it.


In 2001, Jon Gabriel weighed 409 pounds.

He struggled hard with obesity. He tried dozens of diets and always ate according to the plan. Yet he couldn't stand it in the long term. After every diet, He found himself heavier than before.

Exercises and weight loss workouts didn't help either. The harder he worked, the more his body felt tired. He craved even more food and he couldn't help eating.

He got so bad, even the famous weight loss expert, Dr. Atkins gave up on him after 2 months.

After so many failed attempts Jon almost lost all hope. Yet he got a wake-up call on September 11, when he narrowly missed being on UAL flight 93. Jon could have died that day. Yet there he was - still alive. That experience left him feeling like he was living on borrowed time.

So he decided to find the true reason for his obesity and finally lose weight.

Which he did. 

Jon’s amazing (yet shocking) discovery

To find the real reason for his obesity, Jon went through hundreds of scientific reports on biochemistry, psychology, nutrition, and neurobiology.

 His extensive research uncovered one fact so shocking, he couldn't believe it. He decided to try it on himself. He started losing weight. To his amazement, Jon lost 227 pounds WITHOUT dieting. 

He was eating food he loved . . . still  the weight came off.

Today, 16 years later he still eats whatever he wants and he’s still the same weight!

Jon proved dieting has nothing to do with a permanent weight loss. 

So he made it his mission to help people lose weight like he did. Understandably, many were very skeptical because of his shocking discovery.

Today their success stories are all over Jon’s website.

Like Jon, they also discovered one, life-changing aspect...

How to eat and grow thin!

Permanent Weight Loss For Over 13,279 People

Jon’s proven method changes lives just like it did for:

  • Carole lost 70 pounds in 6 months
  • Judy lost 77 pounds at aged 53
  • Tiffany Nightingale, a busy mother of 5, lost 85 pounds
  • Aurieona lost 100 pounds
  • Christine Kennedy, a mother of 11 kids, lost 110 pounds
  • Ginger Solberg after 38 years of yo-yo dieting lost 140 pounds
  • Sarah Howard lost 147 pounds
  • ​Jon's brother, Joe, lost 149 pounds
  • Lisa Schlosberg lost 149 pounds
  • Tracy, a mother of 5, lost a staggering 210 pounds

And for thousands more. Clearly, Jon’s method has proven itself to work. 

The good news is you can too, once you understand what’s really causing you to gain weight. 

To help you find the real cause, Jon has prepared a 3-minute quiz. It reveals the ‘fat triggers’ which sabotage your efforts to lose weight. Once you recognize them, you can truly begin losing weight for good - just as thousands of other people who follow Jon’s method.

Click here to take this short, life-changing quiz now.

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