How Ginger Ended 38 Years of Yo-Yo Dieting Misery

Ginger Solberg was yo-yo dieting for 38 years.

It began during her pregnancy when she gained over 60 pounds.

To become thin again she went on a diet.

Yet, she couldn't stand it in the long term. So she tried another diet . . . and another . . . and another.

Yet to her despair, after every diet, she found herself heavier than before.

This was the beginning of her nightmare. 

From that time, she tried all kinds of diets and nothing worked.

She entered the yo-yo dieting loop and after 38 years of struggling she ended up weighing 299 pounds.

Ginger Solberg

Ginger Solberg

After so many years Ginger was close to giving up.

However, a friend recommended she give it one more chance . . . by trying The Gabriel Method.

Her results . . .

She finally ended her 38-year long yo-yo dieting misery and transformed her body without dieting.

Today she's thin and healthy, bursting with energy.

Just like thousands of people who tried this method created by Jon Gabriel.

Back in 2001, Jon weighed 409 pounds.

And just like Ginger, he tried everything without result.

Desperate to save his life and be able to enjoy it again, Jon decided to find the solution on his own.

And thanks to his biochemistry background from the University of Pennsylvania, he was able to do it.

This is when he made a breakthrough discovery of the FAT Triggers — the “hidden stresses” that make us gain weight.

Jon’s Liberating Discovery

To find the real reason for his obesity, Jon went through hundreds of scientific reports on biochemistry, psychology, nutrition, and neurobiology.

His extensive research uncovered one fact so shocking, he couldn't believe it.

So before he shared it with others, he decided to try it on himself. 

To his amazement, for the first time in 14 years . . . he started losing weight.

But now comes the best part: Jon ditched the diets and tough workouts . . .

And yet the weight was coming off him day by day . . . Up to the point when he wasn’t obese anymore!

Jon Gabriel

It was 16 years ago — and Jon never gained weight again. He is thin and healthy . . . 

And he still isn’t dieting . . . He is only doing some light exercises . . .

And he still eats whatever he wants . . . But his body keeps him thin like on autopilot.

How’s that possible?

It’s all thanks to the FAT Triggers that Jon discovered. 

When he realized they exist, he quickly identified his FAT Triggers and eliminated them one by one.

This lowered his body’s weight set point to the healthy level — and that’s why Jon finally became thin.

And he made it his mission to help people do the same.

Jon described his story and discovery in his bestselling book, translated to 14 languages and available in over 58 countries.

It’s not an ebook like it is popular nowadays . . . 

It’s a proper, printed book available in bookstores.

Understandably, many were very skeptical because of Jon’s shocking discovery.

Yet, today their success stories are all over his website.

Permanent Weight Loss For Over 13,279 People

Jon’s proven method changes lives for people from all walks of life.

In fact, Jon’s method could help people who are willing to understand what’s really causing them to gain weight.

So to help people identify the real cause, Jon prepared a 3-minute quiz.

For a person who takes it, this quiz reveals their personal FAT Triggers, which sabotage weight loss.

People who recognize their FAT Triggers can start to lose weight for good —  just as thousands of other people who follow this method.

Click here to take this short, life-changing quiz now.

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