Hint of Mint Chocolates – Decadently Delicious, Vegan, No-Refined-Sugar

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Home made  conscious chocolate is one of those decadently delicious, rewarding joys in life – not least, a perfect way to share with friends from the heart! As a health seeker who didn’t eat chocolate for many years, I relented a while back after finding a way to create conscious, healthy chocolate. Made with quality ingredients, it can be a nourishing treat to be savoured and enjoyed… in gentle moderation, of course.

homemade mint chocolates

Until you’ve made your very own homemade chocolate you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a complex and difficult thing to do. However, if you have the right ingredients, it’s ridiculously easy! I’ve created a step by step video tutorial (below) to show you how to make your very own chocolate. The video shows my basic luxurious, dark vanilla chocolate recipe.  If you are new to chocolate making then I recommend you watch it at least the first time that READ MORE at: http://www.trinityskitchen.com/hint-of-mint-chocolates-decadently-delicious-vegan-no-refined-sugar/

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