Kick-Start The New Year, Lose Weight and Reset Your Metabolism with a 14-day Superfood Transformation Cleanse!

How about transforming your health in 2018?


You’ll Reset and Kick Start Your Metabolism, Detox Your Body on a Cellular Level to release toxins, reset your “skinny hormone” production (adiponectin), burn fat, gain muscles without exercise (unless you want to), END “yo-yo” effect once and for all, stop cravings and break your sugar addiction!

Join us on January 2nd for a 14-day Superfood Group Cleanse and release all the “goodies” and toxins you accumulated over the holidays to start 2018 FRESH!

If you want to lose weight, you can expect to lose between 3-10 kg (6-20 Lbs) of ACTUAL FAT without losing your muscles! (We cannot legally guarantee results, but most people lose 3-10 kg, ourselves included).

You will:
–          End cravings
–          Break your sugar addiction once and for all
–          Burn fat and gain muscles without exercise
–          Reset your “skinny hormone” so you’ll NEVER “yo-yo” again
–          Release toxins on a cellular level
–          Regain vital energy and get excited about life

Who are we, the organizers of this New Year’s Group Cleanse?

We are Natalia and Joakim, Polish-Swedish couple living under the Spanish sun on the beautiful Costa Blanca. We work with media, marketing, life & business coaching.

We are natural food lovers and are passionate about plant-based foods. We are also the founders of LoveYourSelfToHealth.Info

For a year and a half, we slipped from the 95% all organic, plant-based nutrition to main stream, “goodies”- filled, restaurant lifestyle. In consequence, Joakim gained 30 kgs! (66 lbs!) and I welcomed 12 kg (26 lbs😊). All of this while “wining and dining” and enjoying the good life on the Costa Blanca.

In October 2017 we decided that enough was enough and we wanted to claim our best health and our ideal weight. On November 1st we chose to go back to the healthier living.

We got inspired by Joakim’s client, coach to coaches, mentor to mentors, author of the #1 international bestselling book “Break Your Self-Help addiction”  – Brian D. Ridgeway who introduced us to the “beyond organic” raw, vegan, kosher superfoods transformation.

Consequently, Joakim effortlessly lost 15 kg (33 lbs!) up until now. He gained muscle without exercise while being able to stay active in his work and daily life. He also regained mental clarity and tons of energy.

Natalia and Joakim before and after

I lost 6 kg (13 lbs) and I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I sleep great, deeply, I have tons of energy, mental clarity, the female “times” are completely smooth, my mood is great, and I feel truly alive and enthused about life again!

While we continue to eat superfoods and are releasing weight weekly, we got inspired to share this experience with you and start a 14-day, New Year Transformation with anyone who would like to join us.

How does it work?

We will let the creator of the Superfood Transformation Cleanse, David Sandoval explain. But first, let us introduce David and why he is worth listening to.

David Sandoval is the Owner & CEO of Organic By Nature Inc., as well the Author of “The Green Foods Bible”. He is also a Lecturer, Radio Personality, Inventor and Internationally-Recognized Expert in Phytochemistry and Green Superfoods. David has dedicated his life to providing whole food, raw food, green food products with absolutely no artificial colours, artificial flavours, binders, fillers or genetically-modified ingredients.

He quickly became recognized for setting a new standard for purity, potency, and cutting-edge plant-based nutritional products that retain the vital essence (AKA life force, chi, or prana) that he believes is the key to fuelling our cells.

Here is an excerpt from a transcript from a talk David recently gave about the Transformation Cleanse.

With a traditional calorie restricted weight loss diet the body “goes to hyper conservative mode, start to burn fewer and fewer calories, giving you more energy per calories so it can keep you alive. Those are called kcals, stretching out your calories, so you get more energy per calorie.

And dramatically reducing the amount of calories you are going to burn in any day and dramatically increasing the efficiency in which they create adipose fat cells, adipose fat cells those are the ones made from sugar.

Why and how have we turned all of that upside down? Why is it that you will be able with confidence to tell everyone you know that we have the ability to reset your metabolism and change the course of your life in only 10 days?

Well, here is the reason why. Your body has three primary sources of energy. One is protein, one is sugar, one is fat.

There is a fourth. It’s called adrenaline. 😊

So, your body is going to get (our amino acid plant-based protein) three times a day.

There are 36 double-blind clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals about our protein and it has 30 applications, 30 different reasons why doctors could use it, so it’s pretty versatile, but let me tell you what just three of those reasons are.

The primary reason is to reverse a condition called muscle wasting. Muscle wasting is when your body uses muscle as a source of energy. We change your body into an anabolic muscle building state which means, it cannot be catabolic, so the very first thing we do is, we shut down the avenue that your body could get energy from protein.

Second place it (the body) can get energy is from sugar, right? Well, we’re not going to be giving the body any sugar but let’s hold on. Your body also needs protein, your body needs nutrients. Your body actually gets energy from nutrients, vitamins, minerals, all that good stuff. So, you know B vitamins energize you, right?

So, the bottom line is, what if your cells are starving for protein, well, they’re not. We know that.

What if your cells are starving for nutrients, well, they are not because three times a day, you’re going to take the Power Shake. The Power Shake is a combination of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet: wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, activated barley, rice bran solubles, carrot juice, all of them mixed together so that when you drink it, it just takes minutes a day to drink three times, your cells are completely satisfied.

There are no nutrient needs for your body to call out and say, I need protein, no.

I need nutrients, no.

You are getting all the protein, all the nutrients you need, so what is your body screaming for?

Calories. The last thing left that your body needs is calories.

How are you going to get those?

Well, in the Power Shake, there is a single ingredient that’s part of the overall thing called rice bran solubles and in rice bran solubles, there is a very special fat, a fat that burns fat.

That fat is called gamma oryzanol and gamma oryzanol triggers something I’m about to teach you something, something that nobody and your doctor doesn’t even know and if you go online and look it up, I’ll be proven right.

And that is that the exact opposite of insulin and is called adiponectin. And insulin’s job is to take sugar and create fat out of it and you can’t get rid of that fat because it’s made out of sugar and not fat, so your body doesn’t know how to burn it unless it creates a hormone called adiponectin.

You know what adiponectin does?

It turns adipose tissue into glucose again. It turns it into glucose and immediately created ATP and burns it off as energy.

So, now, we have shut down or satisfied the body’s need for protein and shut down the body’s ability to use protein as energy. We have satisfied the body’s need for all of the nutrients that it needs and now we provided the body with an energy source because we are not giving any calories. So, if the body is starving for protein, which it’s not, starving for nutrient which, it’s not, it is starving for energy and it can’t have sugar, so, what’s it’s got to do, it’s got to burn fat, but how is it going to burn fat?

The type of fat we build in today’s world, the type of fat built from sugar. The only way is with adiponectin and the only thing on the planet that creates adiponectin response is gamma oryzanol in rice bran solubles, in the Power Shake.

So now we have done something no other company has done, stop the muscle from wasting, satisfy the cells on every level and open up the pathways so your body could use fat as energy without thinking it is starving.”

You can listen to the full presentation below.

Here is a video about the transformation cleanse

Here is the group transformation cleanse schedule:

Stage one: a 4-day pre-cleanse.

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 to Friday, January 5th we start detoxing from sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

You will:
1.       Stop all form of sugar intake
2.       Stop all form of caffeine intake
3.       Stop any alcohol intake
4.       Continue with your everyday eating and your life😊

Stage 2:  10-day superfood transformation cleanse.

You will:

  • Consume superfoods that will replace your everyday food and drink – those are the HIGHEST nutrition, LOW calorie superfoods.
  • They will nourish your cells with all the protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins that you might possibly need, and they taste great.
  • It will ensure that your body does NOT go into starvation mode and would NOT work against your goals.
  • Instead, your body will turn FAT into an energy source and you will set yourself to becoming a FAT burning MACHINE😊

You can expect to release 3-10 kg and commonly shared experiences include:

  • Digestive ease
  • Releasing excess weight
  • Mental clarity
  • Cleared up skin
  • Energy gain
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Muscle gain
    Pain and inflammation loss
  • Increased Joy and Peace
  • Hormone Balance
  • Adrenal support and hormone balance
  • Increased libido


To get your superfoods in time, you will need to order before SUNDAY, 31st of DECEMBER, 2017.


You will get a 50 EUR/USD gift card from us or the person that referred you here.

You will also get access to a private Facebook group where we will all support each other, and you will be able to consult health professionals: coaches, trainers, nurse, nutritionist, etc….


Here is what to do next

Contact the person that referred you to this article and they will give you a 50 EUR/USD gift card and help you order your products.

Our coaching and support are completely FREE, you will need to invest in superfoods that will replace your daily food during this period.


Your total investment, after claiming your gift card from the person that referred you is:

– EUROPE: €227 including shipment
(And…You will also receive 5 GIFT cards of your own to share with those you care about, value of €250 & “The Green Foods Bible” book written by David Sandoval!)

– US: $240 including shipping
– Canada: $240 including shipping.
– The Rest of the World: $240 minus plus shipping depending on where you are and customs fees, if applicable.


If you were referred to this article by either me or Joakim, found this article on social media or by yourself, just email us at and we will give you a 50 EUR/USD gift card and help you order your products.

And finally, share this with a group of your friends to join you on this adventure. Although we will be here to support you, it is always good to have some of your closest ones to do it with you.

Natalia & Joakim

Natalia & Joakim Hansson founders

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